Thursday, 17 March 2011

Spring Summer!

I think it is time for some dresses, skirts, shorts just summery clothes to be back on the street! I picked out several looks that caught my attention and also which are trendy for this season. So hopefully you'll like it and maybe think about purchasing similar products ready for the sunshine, wearing florals, colorful and fun clothes.

I thought these korean and japanese brands of clothing caught my eyes because it gave a different feel and style to the products in the UK. Like when I look at the asian websites to shop online I am more interested in them as they more styles, silhouettes, colors and even it just looks more adventurous! But when choosing from as a UK brand I feel like it always look similar for every Spring Summer season. That is just my opinion, so you don't have to agree on it ^^.

As platform wedge shoes are really in trend right now I thought of sharing some sandal wedge shoes with all of you and I would LOVE to own all of these shoes, as I am a shoe lover! These shoes can be worn over the summer or even for a evening occasion as it still looks formal and also it depends what you pair it with.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Lately I have been really looking into blouses and smart casual clothing, but blouses are they main garments that I want to purchase. As they have more details, different prints, silhouettes and various textured fabrics.

I am sure you want to look smart to show people your capable to take on jobs and to have the power to be independent and supervise others.

There are cape blouses, sheer chiffon, printed chiffon and silk and bow details and decorations on these new trend blouses. The blouses that are in shops now don't have to be worn for work only, it can be for casual outing, nights out and special occasions.