Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Midlands Fashion Designer Awards 2012

This event happened last month but i just wanted to share with you guys how amazing and emotional I felt to see my collection on the catwalk again!

I was picked for a finalists for the Midlands Designer Awards this year an I was so shocked that I was able to experience such a big event like that within the fashion industry. This opportunity has seriously boost my confident in making and designing, also I appreciate for the chance to showcase my work to other students and forth coming designers!

Really need to say a big thank you to MFDA!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Bargain leather piece

Just wanted to share with you guys this amazing bargain I got from Zara the other day! It's a leather skirt which was only £19.99, the quality is amazing and the style is so versatile you can wear it during the day with a casual t-shirt or loose fitted knitwear (it is getting colder each day!) But you can also dress it up for the evening with some printed blouse, shirts and some killer heels!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Levis @ London, UK

When I walked into the Levis store on Regent Street yesterday, it inspired
me! There is a competition going on instore and on their Twitter page (@Levis_UK)

Can you think of a catchy message in 6 words? Tweet it to @Levis_UK and add #Printlondon - a quote is selected each day and offered to the customers for printing the following day.

I have entered too! You guys should join too :)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Shanghai commercial ads

These just caught my attention when I was crossing the road. I don't think I can miss any of these ads... it is place on high and well seen buildings! Also in the first photo the ads are blow up in such a massive scale, it just caught my eyes. ( A "little" but big size decoration for buildings in Shanghai!)

JPEG collection

Swedish based designer Nhu Duoung created this collection with photographs via the Internet and manipulated them digitally, which then becomes these geometric digital prints. It just works so well with the simple silhouettes as no seams cuts up or takes away the attention from the main print itself.  The fabric used is neoprene and it works perfectly with the design, clean cut necklines, structured and abstract sleeves.

(images: Trendland)

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Day 5 @Hk~ #OOTD11

Oh how I love that everyday in Hong Kong I can wear summery clothes. I prefer to feel light and free then to have to layer on layers to be warm! So today I wore this printed floral dress from Forever21, and I just love it as it has a low cut back so it feels so breezy in this humid weather! Then tonight I went to visit my cousin and saw her new poodle puppy! She is too cute just wanted to sneak her out and take her home~ And guess what her name is... Marshmallow!!! So fluffy. Then tonight met up with my my cousin and her family and also my auntie to have buffet at Harbour Grand in Kowloon. I must say its the best buffet I have had at the moment. There was thai food, traditional chinese food, sushi, seafood and of course sweet delicious desserts.

Ooo I brought so much today so will take a photo and show you guys tomorrow.

Wing X

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Day 2 @Hk~ #OOTD10

Hey guys! Another hot sauna day for me! But still chose to wear jeans as I was in a lot of air condition places today. Started with getting my hair trimmed and styled it wavy and I loved it! The only bad thing was once I walked out, crossed the street my hair was back to being straight, stupid humid weather! Then I went to meet my sis at her work place, chatted or a bit waiting for my mum to go have dinner together. Yayy I had Korean kimichi and chicken hot stone bowl rice! Yummy! Then ended my night with a bit of shopping! Oh how I love late night shopping here, its just so convenient! Imagine you work for most of the day and late afternoon and then realise you needed to buy something but all shops were closed (mostly in the Uk.) But here in HK, shops don't close until 12 midnight the lastest! Crazy but im sure everyone loves it~ to finish my night off we went to have some chinese desert, which I have missed so much as some desert is actually good for you, like some are good for your skin, eyes and prevent illnesses. And yes... It looks a bit hmmm but it does taste amazing! "Never judge a book by its cover." :)

Wing X

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Day 1 @Hk~ #OOTD9

Hey guys! I arrived at Hong Kong yesterday afternoon! Wow it is HOT here, literally feels like a massive sauna here right now. Went shopping today with my sis and our friend Carmen who I haven't seen for years after she moved back to Hong Kong! It was so nice to have a little catch up and giggles.

Like things here are so much cheaper then the UK and I and LOVE it! It is like a dream place to shop for clothes, food, cute gifts and technologies! Really if you get a chance to visit, do it! Most shops/ boutiques and even shopping malls dont close until 10 at night, so you will never run out of what to do or where to go. I will probably show you guys what I have brought with a weekly photo! Just hope I can fit everything "in" the photo... I do admit I do become a shopahollic here in Hong Kong;)

Wing X

Monday, 18 June 2012

Illusion #OOTD8

Just love this maxi dress, just makes me look a bit slimmer! As the two cream panel contrasts with the black front panel it creates an illusion of a smaller waist~ To be honest I prefer dresses then having to think of an outfit with a top and a bottom piece. I am just lazy! But I do challenge myself some days, working my brain to select out layered outfits with accessories~
I need to be a bit more creative...

So I am jetting of to Hong Kong tonight! So look out for my post about my days out there~

Wing X

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Dip Dab Blue #OOTD7

First of all would like to say Happy Fathers Day to all dads in the world! Love my dad so much, need to thank him for all he has done and given me~

So today got a bit sunnier, so went for shorts and a cropped knitted top. Love the knitted top especially the dip dye blue, my favorite colour! Made a plan to go have chinese tea in Reading, as a treat to for my dad. Even it was sunny, it was still a bit windy so had to throw on a knitted cardigan (so annoying I dislike wearing coats and jackets, feels so heavy with it!) And finally some colors too! Bright orange bag and navy white stripe pumps, literally this whole outfit was so comfy. Also I enjoyed having my legs out...need some tanning sessions!

 Hope You all had a lovely weekend and a sweet warm family time today~ Look out for my post about my time in Hong Kong and Shanghai!! Im off tomorrow!

Wing x 

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Casual Denim #OOTD6

I put this outfit together when I saw some of my friends were away on festivals.
I never really been to a festival but would love to experience it once! Maybe next year... need to get a job first and save up~
But from the stories I have heard from my friends about festivals, were...very interesting. Lets use one word to sum it up crazy! But I thought this outfit was quite suitable for festivals, as its comfy and just allows a lot of movements for dancing and jumping around (exclude the heel boots...) The piling on of the rings is just my fave but another way to style up a simple outfit to make it a bit more fun!

My outfit~
Top~ Hong Kong boutique shop~
Denim Skirt~ H&M
Studded ankle boots~ Primark
Rings~ H&M~ Topshop
Necklace~ Forver 21