Thursday, 23 December 2010

US online fashion magazine!!!

Here is the magazine that I am currently writing for, posting fashion trends and news around the UK!
So if you have some spare time go and have a look around there is a lot of amazing updates on fashion trends, shows and parties to go to but only in Miami! ( I WOULD LOVE TO BE THERE!!!)


It is time of the year again where big sales will be going on!
I really can't wait, so planning to go shop for crazy on boxing day and hopefully I can get some bargain clothes, shoes, bags and more more more!

So to do a bit of prep I went onto some shop websites and hopefully it can help me decide what I want AND most important is that the item will be in store on the 26th!!!
Was £120.00
  • Now £60.00
H&M £7.99 WAS £12.99
H&M £9.99 WAS £19.99
H&M £7.49 WAS £14.99
H&M £17.49 WAS £34.99
Here is my list i think there will be more to add onto it, but i can't find them online!!! so might pop into some shops tomorrow and see (hope too) that it will be on sale!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Article for Clothes Show Live young journalist 2010

Here is my attempt of writing an article for the competition this year, to be honest I did find it quite hard to write about the subcultures as I wasn't too familiar to any of them! It's so bad I know but once I research about the certain ones I wanted to write about it was interesting how it has all helped to change our fashion to give people an identity.

How has youth subculture has influenced fashion over the past 40 years?

How did youth subcultures change our fashion world?

I would have to say it has made a big impact on how people feel. People have their own opinions on the all the different styles that there are in the world and it can give people an identity as youth subcultures separates into a mixture of groups such as hippies, mods and rockers etc.

Every designer is inspired from previous experiences and then develops them into contemporary designs. A lot of our fashion came from different events around the world and we just modify them to our own original designs.

The most stylish and ‘unusual’ subculture that caught my attention would be the punk subculture, why? Well of course it has to be the dress style inspired around sexuality and just showing the sexual side of people who wear tight fitted, ‘kinky’ leather shorts and tops. They also personalized everyday objects to create their fashion style, such as ripping clothing held by safety pins, customizing with embellishments and even transforming a bin liner into a dress! Which strongly tells us nothing is impossible and by recycling materials we can produce something new and unique to us. Since the late 1940’s leather has been associated with gays and lesbians and with a deeper meaning it relates with bondage, dominance and masochism. But with the modern trends and styling of leather it has been altered and made to be more ‘wearable’ and less revealing! Vivienne Westwood played a big roll of bringing the modern punk into fashion, where she started of selling her outrageous designs in a boutique in London. Even though her designs were so dramatic and created many different political views, we are still admiring her work to be so daring and influential. It probably plays a bigger role in women’s fashion as it builds up masculinity in us and to prove to everyone else that we’re all equally to men.

A pair of leather shorts and body hugging tops it helps us women to show off our amazing body and to love our body no matter how. All the different subcultures are not all about clothes and how people were dressed they also focused on political views, equality and the media of arts around that period of time. Try and be different, don’t hide behind shadows and be the one under the spotlights then you will be a role model to the younger generations!

By Wing Lai
Coventry University

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Faux fur!!!

Faux fur is so trendy this season so don't miss out on getting the
top 12 faux fur garments that can keep you warm in the wintery weather but still make you
look stylish! It could be accessories, coats, bags, scarves etc.

There are similar outfits from stores that provides some reasonable prices like Newlook, H&M, Primark and River Island so you'll definitely think the price is worth paying for. You can't resist something so trendy and elegant, which could be something that can be worn without getting out of date!
Angel Jackson faux fur clutch, £279, at Farfetch
See by Chloe faux fur coat, £608, at Matches
Eribe faux fur scarf with Liberty print, £140, at Urban Outfitters
Tibi faux fur belted coat, £865, at Harvey Nichols
Unqilo ear muffs, £6.99
Marks & Spencer faux fur snood, £25
Anthropologie faux fur trim gloves, £28
Boutique by Jaeger faux fur jacket, £175
New Look belted faux fur coat, £55
Topshop faux fur cossack hat, £20
Rozae faux fur gilet, £510, at Oxygen Boutique
Blanche in the Brambles leopard print muff, £80, at Liberty

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Tom Ford Womenswear!

Tom Ford finally revealed his first womenswear collection which was produced back in September after a six years away. The collection was a private affair and was banned to let any journalists know about it until now. Of the Creative direction the Tom Ford commented "there's a continuity from what I was doing at YSL at the end: that's the customer."

Friday, 29 October 2010

Cacharel Spring/ Summer 2011

Cacharel's Spring Summer 2011 collection caught my attention with the
bright and pastels colors of ink splattered shapes on the dresses.
It wasn't intentionally for the ink splats to look floral,
but it's find it interesting how it does look very decorative and eye catching!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Nottingham Future Laboratory

I'm at the moment sitting in the theatre at Nottingham listening to a lecture given by Future Laboratory talking about new trends for the next season. It's interesting how a global trend can affect a wide range of things like people, fashion, different generations, food stores and many more. Today we're mainly talking about how technology has evolved so much over the years into our daily life, that we can't live without it if it was taken away from us. Imagine what we will be like with it?

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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Thought of the day #1

I was just thinking today whilst having these money problems floating around my head, how much I love and miss being able to just walk into any shops and pick up something amazing and know I will be so happy to own it. But WAIT I've been wasting money on things that I feel at that moment when I saw it " O I must buy that," but I don't "really" need it. Oh no I'm a shopaholic!

Then thinking deeper and deeper I realized owning some new clothes, shoes, bags etc wouldn't keep me satisfied forever, which means that I will need to keep buying more and more! And then my old clothes will need to be binned but why not give it to charity or even customize it yourself to make something new and unique!

I'm sure there's a lot of women out there which has the similar situation as me, I just want to let them all know being materialistic, thinking more is good and crazing to buy the "must haves" is a "NO NO!" Appreciate fashion more, even if it's just trying on something it should still satisfy you.
Think carefully before you pay!

I feel like since I've been writing about fashion here even though I'm updating new collections from shops and well known brands I start to learn to appreciate more. I am actually learning and acknowledging myself the point of fashion. I don't necessarily need to own them! I just need to know that they exist.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez for Gucci childrenswear

Jennifer Lopez and her twins Max and Emme will be modeling for Gucci's new childrenswear campaign. To make it even better this luxury label have decided to create a new donation to UNICEF's schools for Africa initiative, fashion which partners with charity is the best thing as it's more meaningful then just "fashion."

Saturday, 23 October 2010


Zarah Oversized Shirt


So in love with this half see through blouse from Boohoo, it can be formal or for parties out for dinners and nights out.
I would wear it with these black harem trousers as it can be styled with all sorts of accessories and with flats, boots or heels for all kinds of occasions.

Cassie Pleat front Trousers



This season you'll definitely need a pair of boots to finish off your whole outfit,
and I've seen some stylish and sexy boots from Next like heeled boots, with faux fur in ankled or knee high boots.

It's so popular with brown and camel colored boots this season so look out for them, not miss them and get yourself a pa
ir and keep you warm for winter. It's even worth buying a pair for the christmas parties!
Why not add a bit of color with the boots with these new trendy knee high sock with various of floral patterns, chunky knitted wool and bright colors.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

New model faces!

In the coming year there will be some new faces on the catwalk in
S/S 2011!

Lets start with Tati Cotliar who opened the Marc Jacobs show back in February and it everyone had their attention on her. A privilege usually reserved for the biggest models, it was in fact 19-year-old Tati Cotliar who took the prime spot. And after only a year of modelling she has walked in all the key shows and is now tipped as the next big thing!
Carla has seriously wowed this year. Discovered while in a hairdressers by a leading casting director, her whirlwind year has seen her debut for the now famous Hakaan show before going onto appear in a dazzling array of shows including Gucci, Jil Sander,Chanel and Celine.

Carla Gebhart was one of them who seriously wowed this year, she was discovered in a hair salon by a leading casting director, which tells us all how talented she is. So girls don't give up on anything you never know what will happy and whose out their to discover your talent.

Having Spent several years as a catalogue model, Joan Small finally made centre of attention of every well known designers and walked for all Autumn Winter's key shows, like Hermes, Christopher Kane and Alexander Wang. It shows that never give up then you'll be able to achieve higher!

Fei Fei Sun's breakthrough year is every model's dream, because of Karl Lagerfeld who hand- selected her to walk in Chanel's pre- fall show in Shanghai. Her amazing and talented work attracted many key editors, photographers and stylists, so don't miss out spotting Fei Fei on oncoming catwalk shows, adverts and in magazines.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Less is more~ remember girls and guys!

Less is More
Oliver Bonas, Swarovski, Miss Selfridge, Nine West
I always tell myself simple and less is still interesting and stylish~ I don't need millions of accessories and detailed clothings!

Why not be cute and vintage?

Be cute and vintage!
Monica Vinader, New Look, Aspinal of London
It's all about accessories!!!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Chunky knitwear is everywhere,
there is scarves, dresses, tops and skirts that you can find around retail stores.
Most catwalk snapshots of knitwear for this season combines with
leather accessories or garments.
I think this combination is really interesting as it contrasts each other,
soft, wooly, cushiony to tight fitted, structured and shiny!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Leopard printssssss

Leopard prints are everyone this season,
it's either shoes, coats, tops, skirts, dresses ect!
I love Rihanna's red leopard print skirt, so bold and attraction seeker.
Leopard works really well with plain combination and accessories, so try it and be seen!