Sunday, 24 October 2010

Thought of the day #1

I was just thinking today whilst having these money problems floating around my head, how much I love and miss being able to just walk into any shops and pick up something amazing and know I will be so happy to own it. But WAIT I've been wasting money on things that I feel at that moment when I saw it " O I must buy that," but I don't "really" need it. Oh no I'm a shopaholic!

Then thinking deeper and deeper I realized owning some new clothes, shoes, bags etc wouldn't keep me satisfied forever, which means that I will need to keep buying more and more! And then my old clothes will need to be binned but why not give it to charity or even customize it yourself to make something new and unique!

I'm sure there's a lot of women out there which has the similar situation as me, I just want to let them all know being materialistic, thinking more is good and crazing to buy the "must haves" is a "NO NO!" Appreciate fashion more, even if it's just trying on something it should still satisfy you.
Think carefully before you pay!

I feel like since I've been writing about fashion here even though I'm updating new collections from shops and well known brands I start to learn to appreciate more. I am actually learning and acknowledging myself the point of fashion. I don't necessarily need to own them! I just need to know that they exist.

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