Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Levis @ London, UK

When I walked into the Levis store on Regent Street yesterday, it inspired
me! There is a competition going on instore and on their Twitter page (@Levis_UK)

Can you think of a catchy message in 6 words? Tweet it to @Levis_UK and add #Printlondon - a quote is selected each day and offered to the customers for printing the following day.

I have entered too! You guys should join too :)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Shanghai commercial ads

These just caught my attention when I was crossing the road. I don't think I can miss any of these ads... it is place on high and well seen buildings! Also in the first photo the ads are blow up in such a massive scale, it just caught my eyes. ( A "little" but big size decoration for buildings in Shanghai!)

JPEG collection

Swedish based designer Nhu Duoung created this collection with photographs via the Internet and manipulated them digitally, which then becomes these geometric digital prints. It just works so well with the simple silhouettes as no seams cuts up or takes away the attention from the main print itself.  The fabric used is neoprene and it works perfectly with the design, clean cut necklines, structured and abstract sleeves.

(images: Trendland)