Thursday, 23 December 2010


It is time of the year again where big sales will be going on!
I really can't wait, so planning to go shop for crazy on boxing day and hopefully I can get some bargain clothes, shoes, bags and more more more!

So to do a bit of prep I went onto some shop websites and hopefully it can help me decide what I want AND most important is that the item will be in store on the 26th!!!
Was £120.00
  • Now £60.00
H&M £7.99 WAS £12.99
H&M £9.99 WAS £19.99
H&M £7.49 WAS £14.99
H&M £17.49 WAS £34.99
Here is my list i think there will be more to add onto it, but i can't find them online!!! so might pop into some shops tomorrow and see (hope too) that it will be on sale!

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