Saturday, 16 June 2012

Casual Denim #OOTD6

I put this outfit together when I saw some of my friends were away on festivals.
I never really been to a festival but would love to experience it once! Maybe next year... need to get a job first and save up~
But from the stories I have heard from my friends about festivals, were...very interesting. Lets use one word to sum it up crazy! But I thought this outfit was quite suitable for festivals, as its comfy and just allows a lot of movements for dancing and jumping around (exclude the heel boots...) The piling on of the rings is just my fave but another way to style up a simple outfit to make it a bit more fun!

My outfit~
Top~ Hong Kong boutique shop~
Denim Skirt~ H&M
Studded ankle boots~ Primark
Rings~ H&M~ Topshop
Necklace~ Forver 21

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