Wednesday, 13 June 2012

David Beckham in Elle~

When I saw this months Elle and who was on the front cover , I had to get it!
It wasn't just because David Beckham was half dress and he naturally good looking (who am I kidding!) But the other reason was I did hear a few months ago that he will be the first ever male icon to be on Elle magazines cover. So I was so excited to see what the article had to say and I got to say it is an amazing piece! A totally different point of view towards him and it was so sweet for him to talk about his daily life with his family, especially about his kids.

David talks about his daily routine and says that a typical day for him was "I'll wake up at quarter to seven in the morning, the baby wakes up at seven, the boys wake up at 7.15. Breakfast is all ready for them. Cooked by me." You would never thought David Beckham would be able to get up that early and to cook! It just shows he puts his family first no matter what and how busy his work life is. I am sure everyone thinks about football and his fame in the entertaining business but in the article he stated "I never thought about the money, the fame. It never interested me, and it doesn't interest me now." As "He works because working is what you do when you're a Beckham." Really admire that, a man who cares so much about his family and takes his job so seriously not because of the money and materialistic  behind it, but sees it as a normal job. 

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  1. this man is beyond hot and he cooks Victoria is in heaven !!! love this post