Saturday, 23 June 2012

Day 5 @Hk~ #OOTD11

Oh how I love that everyday in Hong Kong I can wear summery clothes. I prefer to feel light and free then to have to layer on layers to be warm! So today I wore this printed floral dress from Forever21, and I just love it as it has a low cut back so it feels so breezy in this humid weather! Then tonight I went to visit my cousin and saw her new poodle puppy! She is too cute just wanted to sneak her out and take her home~ And guess what her name is... Marshmallow!!! So fluffy. Then tonight met up with my my cousin and her family and also my auntie to have buffet at Harbour Grand in Kowloon. I must say its the best buffet I have had at the moment. There was thai food, traditional chinese food, sushi, seafood and of course sweet delicious desserts.

Ooo I brought so much today so will take a photo and show you guys tomorrow.

Wing X

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