Thursday, 21 June 2012

Day 2 @Hk~ #OOTD10

Hey guys! Another hot sauna day for me! But still chose to wear jeans as I was in a lot of air condition places today. Started with getting my hair trimmed and styled it wavy and I loved it! The only bad thing was once I walked out, crossed the street my hair was back to being straight, stupid humid weather! Then I went to meet my sis at her work place, chatted or a bit waiting for my mum to go have dinner together. Yayy I had Korean kimichi and chicken hot stone bowl rice! Yummy! Then ended my night with a bit of shopping! Oh how I love late night shopping here, its just so convenient! Imagine you work for most of the day and late afternoon and then realise you needed to buy something but all shops were closed (mostly in the Uk.) But here in HK, shops don't close until 12 midnight the lastest! Crazy but im sure everyone loves it~ to finish my night off we went to have some chinese desert, which I have missed so much as some desert is actually good for you, like some are good for your skin, eyes and prevent illnesses. And yes... It looks a bit hmmm but it does taste amazing! "Never judge a book by its cover." :)

Wing X

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