Friday, 8 June 2012

Fashion can be anything!

Finally last night was our graduate fashion show, show casing all the third year collection with themes selected by ourselves. Have to congrats to everyone, our hard work paid off because the fashion show was amazing! I hope everyone enjoyed it and will definitely need to keep in contact~

Postmodern collection, by 3rd Years

My collection, 'Feminism.'
Even though it was hectic after the rehearsal, shoes were with wrong the collections, garments were worn back to front and the worst thing was seeing the wrong outfit in another's collection! But the evening show made us all so proud even though some outfits were still worn the wrong way... I will never forget this experience, there were high and low points and stressful moments. I thought I was actually going to walk out and never want to see any more threads, fabrics and sewing machines! But last night reminded me for the future that never give up when you're caught up in a challenge because you will never see the result, even if it isn't up to the standard you want, at least you have achieved something.

Also want to share a few images from the other collections, so proud of you all!
Rachel Garrison
Aisling Eakin
Ivan David Lopez
Sophie Ward
Elizabeth Bonnert
Natasha Durrani
Moira O'Hare
Abi Philo (Plus size womenswear)
Jieya Zhang
Aimee Law
Alice Moore
Fiona Linaker

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