Saturday, 2 June 2012

I am FINALLY back!

I apologies for my absent on writing on my blog! This year has been so hectic for me as it is my final year doing my Fashion and Design course. Started off with the year producing a small collection of three garments, with the theme of 'Postmodernism.' I was so confused with what the theme was and did struggle a lot to get in depth with the research. But we manage to do some activities, so we can all physically experience i some sort of Postmodern atmosphere. This theme is actually quite broad, it can be about anything to be honest, but with what I found out is that Postmodern is about being different and breaking the rules! I carried on the theme looking into Postmodern architectures and also came across some very interesting textiles techniques. So by combining designing with textured textiles this it was I produced, hope you'll all enjoy it :)~ 

Postmodern Architectural buildings~
Frank O'gehry

I then looked into Avant Garde editorials, as the images are very abstract and always have a twist to it. Here is where I got my inspiration to look into texture of materials.

Craig Mcdean
Madame Peripetie
This textile designer, Eleanor Amoroso inspired me this most within this project. The knotting technique she uses in her work was so unique and really made it as a statement piece. 

My collection~

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