Friday, 13 August 2010


Primark A/W 2010 collection

I am quite pleased with Primark's new collection for the autumn and winter collection
as it's really stylish, interesting details and decorative accessories.
These half trench half high heel boots really caught my eyes, it can feminine and boyish which can really change my look ready for the new season. I just always prefer a new style for ever season so you can keep yourself looking fresh and trendy.

Here are a few clothing which are quite boyish again which I feel is the new trend for the Autumn and Winter collections so watch out for these you will need to get your hands on some more tailored jackets, shoulder padded dress and tops.


  1. Love the booties and slouchy boots from the collection absolutely lovely!

    -xoxo, jaz

  2. wow! viewed this from the bottom of the page, so didnt see it was Primark until I saw the title at the end. I hope I can actually find the knitwear in store, its lush xx